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DIT AgTech was registered in 2007 but the story begins much earlier than this, with the Peart name synonymous with water medication for over 25 years. The concept of water medication was originally pursued by the Northern Territory’s DPIF as a method to supplement urea. This was led by Mr John “Jack” Peart during his time as Director of Arid Zone Research. During this 3 year period, Jack and his team conducted field based research to develop the first electronic water medicator which became a reality in 1994. In homage to the Northern Territory Primary Industries, this medicator was named the “Norprim”.

The commercialisation of the Norprim was taken over by Mr Michael (Mike) Peart. Based out of Mitchell, Mike manufactured, marketed and serviced Norprim units across Australia for 10 years. This included pastoral systems throughout different grazing country ranging from the Kimberley Region down to the Tasmania. As well as this, Mike was involved in developing water medicating systems for holding yards, pens, feedlots and even live export boats.

After Mike retired, the Norprim was effectively discontinued. However, Mike’s passion for water medication never waned and during retirement, using the technology and concepts of water medication, Mike developed a modular injection prototype with a peristaltic pump for crop spraying. It was during this development that Mike discovered that products previously unsuitable for water medication could now be directly injected into water lines. This discovery led to the development of the PROMATIC – the first water medicating unit able to dose straight trace elements and viscous liquids such as bloat oil.

Realising the potential in the developments that Mike had made, Mark Peart took over the company with a view to improve its current product range as well as develop new products for different applications in other agricultural industries and commercial opportunities.

Company Merger


In 2017, DIT AgTech acquired Pastoral and Feedlot Systems Australasia (PFSA), which ultimately brought all of Australia’s leading experts in water medication under one roof. Dr Anthony (Tony) Wood QDAH (Hon) BVSc (Hon) and Mr Norm Bashford, trading as PFSA had developed another water medicating dispenser- the “Nutridose”. The Nutridose is regarded by its customers as an incredibly safe and reliable water medicating dispenser.

However, Dr Wood’s vast experience as a vet specialising in ruminant microbiology meant that PFSA were able to formulate and subsequently offer a suite of urea-based water-soluble supplements designed specifically for water medication. By acquiring not only these formulations, but also having access to Dr Wood’s vast understanding of the molecular biology of rumens as well as the chemistry involved in stabilising water-soluble supplements in alkaline water sources, DIT AgTech substantially increased the value proposition it was able to offer producers in Australia.


Harrington Sytems Electronics has been working with DIT AgTech Ltd for over 2 years to help develop their water medication systems and integrate them into the uSEE Remote Monitoring platform to allow users to see all their camera, tank and water data in one spot. During Early 2019 HSE merged with DIT to allow the continual development of the uSEE platform and to focus on what we do best, designing practical technologies with a rural condition in mind. 

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