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DIT is able to formulate a wide range of water-soluble feed additives. If you have a query or an idea about dosing a particular input or feed additive through livestock drinking water, please contact our nutritional specialist on 1300 123 348.


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What is uPRO MULGA ?

A variation of our uPRO ORANGE mix designed specifically to supplement cattle and sheep grazing on mulga. Mulga (Acacia aneura) is a small tree native to regional areas of Australia. Mulga contains tannins, a bio molecule, which binds to protein in the plant. This binding behaviour prevents the animal from accessing the protein while grazing mulga, resulting in reduced production and development. As well as providing a source of nitrogen, phosphorus and sulfur to rumen microbes, uPRO MULGA contains polyethylene Glycol (PEG) which has been shown to assist the breakdown of tannins found in mulga.

What is uFORAGE ?

uFORAGE is a specifically formulated to reduce the effects of Prussic Acid on cattle grazing forage sorghum. Sorghum grown in stressed situations can have increased levels of Cyanogenic Glycosides which is converted into Prussic Acid. The levels are normally higher in plants that have suffered through drought and even more likely once the drought has broken and plants begin to grow. As well as providing a source of nitrogen and phosphorus, uFORAGE contains high level of sulphur, which is believed to increase cattleā€™s efficiency to convert Prussic Acid into a non-toxic form. uFORAGE is also ideal for cattle grazing Leucaena.

What is uPHOS ?

uPHOS is a phosphoric acid-based formulation, designed to supply livestock with available P in phosphorus deficient country. uPHOS does not contain any nitrogen and is an alternative product to uPRO GREEN where nitrogen supplementation is either not desired or necessary.

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