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Latest Testimonial: Derek Goddard – South Western Queensland


09 November 2020


Derek Goddard

The manager of Deelamon and Eucumbene properties
Nov 10th, 2020 | SW QLD

Key Points

  • DIT AgTech products including uPRO ORANGEuPRO GREEN and uTRACE for nearly 2 years. 
  • Mulga belt of South Western Queensland and consists of one full time employee running 1200 breeders over 65 000 acres. 



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We have been using DIT AgTech products including uPRO ORANGEuPRO GREEN & uTRACE for nearly 2 years. 

Our beef grazing operation is situated in the Mulga belt of South Western Queensland and consists of one full time employee running 1200 breeders over 65 000 acres. 

In the past we have used salt based and molasses based products to supplement approximately half the breeder herd for half the year.  

We now supplement the entire herd for the entire year for half the price and with well less than half the labour using DIT products.   

Stock condition and calving percentages have been maintained well above normal expectations.  

The DIT products and delivery system have been very cost effective for us and the maintenance and management of the complete process including product inquiries, orders and equipment checks has been even easier. 

I would happily recommend DIT products and delivery systems. 

Catherine Macrae  ‘Dalkeith’ 

Aug 28, 2020 | Jackson, Qld

Key Points

  • Catherine runs an enterprise based on Angus breeders targeting the weaner market.  Carrying 300 cows.   
  • Country varies from heavy brigalow-belah through to lighter red box. 
  • Supplementing uPRO ORANGE and  Urea Phosphate allows the cattle to effectively use the dry feed available and maintain their body condition throughout and maintain a more efficient and effective rumen function throughout the winter.  
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Catherine is a ‘long time’ client of DIT, having supplemented with the Nutridose for over 7 years.  During that time, she has found the unit to be maintenance free – she has not even had to change the solar battery! 

Dalkeith is an enterprise based on Angus breeders targeting the weaner market, carrying 300 cows.  The country varies from heavy brigalow-belah through to lighter red box.  Within the herd the most significant advantage of the Nutridose is the ability of the breeders to maintain a more efficient and effective rumen function throughout the winter.  This allows them to effectively use the dry feed available and maintain their body condition.  The Breeders respond to and are able to capitalize on the first flush of new grass grow as a result.  Year on year (excepting 2019), they have been able to increase the weaning weight whilst maintaining excellent Preg testing percentages.    

Supplement costs have reduced to less than 20% of the dry lick previously used.  The initial outlay on the unit had a payback period of less than six months. Whilst cost saving is a consideration the production performance of the cattle was the driving factor in the install.  Every animal is supplemented – dominance is negated. 

The Nutridose unit is plumbed into a feed line off a nest of tanks fed by a bore and the unit is contained within a shed for protection (both the sun and sneaky weaners). The nest of tanks feeds a ploy pipe network serviced by nine troughs with more to be added. 

This is the single most effective spend of less than $10,000 that you will make in your enterprise. 

Catherine Macrae,  

Proprietor, Dalkeith 

Stapleton Station

Aug 09, 2020 | Katherine, NT

Key Points

  • Using Water Supplementation to address some of Northern Australia’s most “acutely deficient” country  

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Dan and Lachy Lynch run 6500 hd at “Stapleton Station”, Katherine, NT. Dan, an experienced cattleman who has grazed country all over Northern Australia and Queensland, has never experienced such extreme deficiency as Stapleton and therefore supplementation is an extremely important part of their operation.  

As part of a wider PDS trial throughout the Northern Territory, Dan and Lachy will be installing 2 nutridose systems to compare its effectiveness in supplying the adequate levels of crude protein and phosphorus to their cattle.  

Both units are installed at mono bore pumps sites and have been collaborated to dose into 70 PSI pressure lines. The bore water is naturally high in calcium therefore attention must be given to observing whether any urea blows off to ammonia at the trough. In consultation with Dan and Lachy and what their specific requirements are, a custom mix for Stapleton is likely. A custom mix will not only provide a buffering agent against the higher than usual water alkalinity, but also to meet the requirements of P as well as crude for their cattle during the dry season.  

Wal Brown “Rossmore”

Jul 21, 2020 | Westmar, Qld

Key Points

  • 1500 backgrounders feeding on a body of dry buffel grass  
  • One Nutridose unit installed on a mono bore system that feeds into two header tanks supplying multiple troughs  
  • Increased consumption = increased kilo’s!!  

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Wal Brown currently runs 1500 backgrounders at his property “Rossmore”, Westmar, Qld. With the available dry feed predominately made up of buffel grass, Wal is acutely aware that by feeding urea he can increase his cattle’s consumption and therefore produce more kilo’s. Wal engaged DIT to install a Nutridose system to determine for himself how effectively and efficiently he could utilise the available feed.  

The unit is installed is at the site of a mono bore that pumps up to two separate header tanks which water several troughs. The unit was plumbed into a 63mm poly line, with high pressure of around 100 PSI. As a result, it was important that the Nutridose unit was calibrated correctly to dose into the higher than usual pressure.  

Wal opted to buy uPRO ORANGE in 25kg bags and make his own solution on site at the unit using a spare IBC shuttle as a nutrient mixing tank. The current mix Wal makes is 6 x 25kg bags to 1000L, giving him a 15% solution. With the Nutridose set to deliver 100 mls of 15% solution every 10L, this provides his cattle with 1.5grams of uPRO ORANGE per litre of water they drink.  

By using the Nutridose, Wal is aiming for a 0.7-1.0kg of liveweight gain per day over the next few weeks!  

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