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Australian Agritech Company Innovating for Climate Change Impact

Australian agritech company DIT AgTech is trialling a new patented methane reduction system for livestock that will reduce their methane emissions and capture carbon reductions to allow farmers to trade credits online in the future. Clinical trials for this product are currently underway with Central Queensland University.

Using proven methane reduction feed additives, DIT’s innovation is in using drinking water to distribute the additives in soluble form. As livestock drink to their body weight, the technology can work out precise delivery amounts and create a methodology to capture the emission reductions through the amount of water consumed to deliver an Australian Carbon Credit Unit (ACCU).

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Rockhampton researchers are trialling world-first technology to cut livestock methane emissions

7NEWS Central Queensland spoke with DIT’s CEO Mark Peart about our combined research and clinical trials with Central Queensland University, looking at ways that producers can have a positive impact on the environment by reducing livestock methane emissions. This is ground breaking research using DIT’s IoT devices and patented formulations.

Rockhampton researchers are trialling world-first technology to cut livestock methane emissions.
It’s hoped the system will eventually capture the exact amount of reductions and allow farmers to receive carbon credits.

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Is carbon neutral the key to retaining export beef markets? Australian world first trials receive new fundings

Author : Adam Mccleery

Central Queensland University and Australian agritech company DIT AgTech are trialling a new world-first patented technology that will both reduce livestock methane emissions and capture carbon reductions to allow farmers to trade credits online. Clinical trials for this technology platform are underway.

New funding for this project as part of the 2021 Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship awards was recently announced by The Honourable Stirling Hinchliffe MP Minister for Tourism, Innovation and Sport and Minister Assisting the Premier on Olympics and Paralympics Sport and Engagement.

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Research to focus on delivery of methane-inhibiting supplements to paddock cattle

Author : Jon Condon

WHILE delivering methane-inhibiting supplements to feedlot cattle is relatively straightforward, given the controlled feeding environment, the beef industry has already identified that dosing such supplements to paddock cattle in extensive grazing conditions presents greater challenges.

A new research project in Central Queensland is examining methane-reducing compounds and how they can be effectively distributed to grazing cattle using water medication systems.

Central Queensland University’s Dr Diogo Costa recently received a $240,000 grant to evaluate dietary supplements that reduce methane emissions, using technology to efficiently add these compounds into livestock water supply. New funding for the project came from the 2021 Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship awards announced last week.

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DIT AgTech says livestock emissions solutions is in water

A COMPANY in Townsville belives it has the colution to the emissions livestock produce through burping and farting which will not only cut methane and help to save the planet but provide an earner for farmers. 

But for DIT AgTech, it is not seaweed, which has been all thet rage as a methane-cutting tool through the woek of the CSIRO, but nitrates which can easily be added as a supplement in water. 

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DIT Congrats CQU Researcher Awarded Prestigious Fellowship

DIT AgTech would like to congratulate Dr Diogo Costa for being awarded an Advance Queensland Industry Research Fellowship 2021. The aim of this research is to evaluate supplements that reduce methane emissions by using DIT AgTech’s uDose technology to efficiently add these compounds into the drinking water of livestock.

DIT’s Chief Research Officer, Viv McCollum attended the announcement of this funding by the Honourable Stirling Hinchliffe MP at QLD parliament house in Brisbane yesterday.

CQ University and DIT AgTech are collaborating on clinical trials of a new world-first patented technology that will reduce livestock methane emissions and lead to farmers being able to trade carbon credits.

“This is a huge opportunity, not just for my research career, but for the livestock industry to use agtech from (DIT) to find a practical solution to the challenge of reducing methane emissions,” Dr Costa said.

DIT are committed to ensuring that Australia leads the way on global methane emissions reduction using our patented technology platform.

*Also pictured is second fellowship recipient Dr Jahirul Islam and industry partner.

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CEO of DIT AgTech, Mark Peart was interviewed by Ticker TV

CEO of DIT AgTech, Mark Peart was interviewed by Ticker TV this morning, giving an insight into his response to announcements which were made during the COP26 Climate Summit in Glasgow.

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DIT AgTech Invest Webinar with Brichal

Watch as Mark Peart (CEO & Founder of DIT AgTech) shares the DIT Story in this webinar and learn about the potential that DIT’s technology platform has to have a great impact on agriculture globally.

Reducing livestock methane with technology

An Australian Agritech company, DIT AgTech, is setting its sights on reducing methane emissions from livestock. The potent greenhouse gas is proving controversial at the moment due to Australia’s refusal to make substantial efforts to reduce the gas’s presence in the atmosphere, much to the consternation of nations around the world — but also to farmers in Australia.

While reducing the number of livestock is one method of reducing the gas, DIT AgTech is developing technology to reduce emissions through the use of food additives that when ingested by farmed animals can reduce emissions substantially without the need for animal culling or scaling back of farms.

The technology is currently undergoing scientific testing by the Central Queensland University

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Water dosing brings down costs, potential to add credits in NW Qld

Author : Sally Gall

Producers in northern Australia using water supplementation strategies to save themselves time and money might find themselves also earning carbon credits, according to Queensland entrepreneur Mark Peart.

Mr Peart is the founder and chief executive officer of Direct Injection Technologies and said the opportunity for it and by association, Australia to lead the world in this area was huge.

The agtech company manufactures and installs the dosing technology, water dispensing systems, remote monitoring tools and livestock supplements so producers can monitor and manage the supplementation of grazing cattle through their mobile devices or computer.

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Measuring methane reductions in livestock

Author : Jennifer Harrison

Farming can combat climate change.

DIT AgTech is trialling patented technology that will both reduce livestock methane emissions and capture carbon reductions to allow farmers to trade credits online.

Clinical trials for this product are currently underway with Central Queensland University.

Using proven methane reduction feed additives, DIT’s innovation uses drinking water to distribute the additives in soluble form.

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Ag methane not part of 2050 goal despite what plan says: Joyce

Author : Jamieson Murphy

CEO & Founder Mark Peart is quoted in this article today: The additives to reduce methane are proven tested and ready to deploy to reduce methane in livestock,” Mr Peart said. “The issue has always been how to deliver these additives at scale.DIT AgTech is building a technology platform that can deliver these additives at scale to hundreds of millions of livestock via water to meet the 2050 targets.

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Get Involved to Help Better Feed the World

Author : Louise Nealon

Climate change, urbanisation, soil degradation, pollution, and water shortages are already challenging the ability of Australian and global farmers to produce high quality food, with this demand set to increase by 60 to 100 per cent in 2050 when the population reaches 9.8 billion.  

Australian AgriTech company DIT AgTech is helping farmers farm smarter and improve productivity through its water-based livestock nutrient supplementation and delivery technology that better feeds the world through enhanced dosing, heavier weights, and increased births.  

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GAI News: 15 minutes with DIT CEO and Founder, Mark Peart

Author : By Michelle Pelletier Marshall, Global AgInvesting Media

Mark Peart has done a lot of things in his career – aerial- mustering, logistics, property, and aviation, as well as being a self-proclaimed “serial entrepreneur” who has started 20 businesses – and all of it has prepared him for his role as founder and CEO of DIT (Direct Injection Technologies) AgTech. In a world where much has changed, though slowly in the very traditional industry of agriculture where a wary eye is not easily won over with new technology, DIT AgTech has become Australia’s leading expert in livestock technology and nutrient supplementation through water systems. 

Paying particular attention to impact – impact on farmers, impact on nature, and impact on the future – DIT AgTech’s solutions stress less harm farming to help farmers better feed the world.

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DIT changes name to match greater AgTech focus

Author : Catherine Knowles

DIT has revealed a rebrand as the company looks to operate under a name more closely aligned to the company’s focus and mission.

From the 1 February 2021 DIT Technologies will officially be known as DIT AgTech.

The new name is inspired by DIT’s purpose to help farmers grow more food with less using innovative technology, the company wrote in a statement.

Over the past four years DIT has been evolving as the problem of food security continues to present issues for humanity.


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PRESS RELEASE – DIT unveils new company identity 

Author : Katina Trout

DIT will unveil a new company identity in February, inspired by their purpose to help farmers grow more food with less using innovative technology.   

Over the past four years DIT has been constantly evolving as the problem of food security continues to present issues for humanity. From humble beginnings innovating water supplementation with a unique dosing technology for the livestock sector, the company is now broadening their value proposition to other sectors to enable farmers to grow more with less using new technology.  

Mark Peart, CEO and Founder of DIT said the team has been thinking long and hard about the company name and how it relates to what they do as the company evolves 

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PRESS RELEASE – John Diddams to take Non Executive Role on DIT Technologies’ Board

Author : Ally Gravolin

The Company is pleased to announce that John Diddams, has accepted a non-executive director position on the board, following the resignation of Craig Kimmorley due to health and personal reasons.

John will sit on the Board along with Quentin Kennedy (Chairman) and Mark Peart (Managing Director). 

John is a professional Non-executive Director with extensive experience and a proven track record in managing the due diligence and IPO process for companies looking to raise capital and list on the ASX. 

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Flying High

Author : Glen Norris

Mark Peart has been more of the country than most of us in this year of border closures and lockdowns. The private pilot has been crisscrossing the country drumming up business for his ag-tech start-up Director Injection Technologies (DIT).

DIT, which has seen revenue grow from $232,000 to $3.59m over the past two years, is seeking to raise $2m on equity crowdfunding platform Brichal as it expands its range of remote monitoring and control systems for farmers.

“I have my own plane and the company is considered an essential service so I have been all over the country,” Peart (illustrated) tells your diarist.

The Toowoomba farmer, who carved out a career mustering cattle by helicopter and now runs one of the country’s fastest growing ag-tech companies, has big ambitions to feed the world through more effective farming.

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Livestock ag-tech company DIT Technologies targets $2m through crowdfunding

Author : Cally Dupe

A livestock ag-tech company poised to hold a $1.2 million trial with live exporter Wellard before COVID-19 hit is rattling the tin to raise $2m to scale up, including opening a handful of WA offices.

DIT Technologies made headlines last year when it received a Federal grant to fast-track the commercialisation of its animal mineral dispensing units for live export.

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Australian agtech, DIT technologies’ equity crowdfunding raises $267,000 in first week

Author : Anthil Magazine

DIT Technologies is revolutionising the agriculture industry through new technology and the Internet of Things (IoT), with its current proprietary uSEE remote monitoring and uDOSE water supplementation technology allowing farmers to monitor water levels and nutrient intake for their livestock from anywhere through their mobile, tablet or laptop.

This technology is not only helping Australian farmers reduce labour and increase productivity, ultimately saving them money, it also enhances animal welfare and helps reduce the environmental impact of grazing.

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Agtech firm raises $267,000 in first week of crowdfunding campaign

Author : Sam Varghese

DIT makes technology for remote monitoring and water supplementation that can be used to monitor the supplements given to animals on a farm.

It invited people and organisations who were interested to register their interest last month. On Tuesday, it said in a statement it had started the campaign to fund the creation of solutions for food producers, using technology for more economical, sustainable and ethical food production to help feed the growing global population, which is expected to be 9.7 billion by 2050.

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Farmers save with water monitoring technology

Author : Jamie Salter

Toowoomba-based DIT Technologies’ remote monitoring and water supplementation allows farmers to monitor water levels and nutrient intake for their livestock through their mobile, tablet or laptop.

DIT Technologies chief executive officer Mark Peart said the new technology enhanced animal welfare and increased food production.

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Ausbiz – Startup Daily | Mark Peart CEO Interview

CEO Mark Peart was recently interviewed on “Startup Daily”. He spoke about how DIT is making a difference in agriculture, why DIT is equity crowdfunding and where the future of DIT is headed.


Episode : Driving Agriculture from the Industrial Age to the Digital Age

Show : What’s Your Beef

If you want to talk Ag Tech, then Mark Peart is your man! He’s the CEO of DIT Technologies, one of Australia’s experts in livestock water supplementation and agricultural technology. But, by his own admission he’s a serial entrepreneur and his passion for making life easier for people living and working on the land is incredible. Listen as he takes host Jayne Cuddihy through some of the recent breakthroughs in Ag Tech in Australia and the enormous potential for a more dynamic beef industry.

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Aussie agritech company turns to equity crowdfunding to aid expansion

Author: Catherine Knowles – IT brief

DIT Technologies, an Australian-based agriculture technology company, has announced it’s looking to expand operations in the country through equity crowdfunding.

DIT Technologies’ flagship solution is a proprietary remote monitoring and water supplementation technology that allows farmers to monitor what supplements are given to their animals regardless of where they are.

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Australian agtech firm invites investors to climb on board

Author: Sam Varghese- ITwire

The company makes technology for remote monitoring and water supplementation that can be used to monitor the supplements given to animals on a farm.

DIT Technologies chief executive Mark Peart said in a statement: “Australia’s 97 million cattle and sheep are mainly grass fed and need supplements to overcome the nutritional deficiencies of native grasses to increase well-being.

“Our technology provides a cheaper, more effective way of supplementing livestock equally through controlled dosing of their drinking water, with Australian farmers realising up to 15% production gains and 40% cost savings.

“We have a strong base of farmers in the Northern Territory and Queensland using our technology, but we now want to help even more farmers by expanding further across these states and into New South Wales, Victoria and Western Australia.

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Technology Company Opens Manufacturing Site in Townsville

Author: Tony Raggatt

Townsville has been selected as the site for a manufacturing base for an innovative technology company leading the charge for moving the grazing industry into the digital age.

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Booming Downs ag-tech company launches crowd funding growth investment campaign

Author: Harry Clarke- CountryCaller Regional News

A DARLING DOWNS company which has become one of Australia’s fastest growing ag-tech businesses is embarking on a $2 million crowdfunding campaign to give everyday investors a stake in its expansion into southern Australia.

DIT Technologies develops cutting edge water supplementation and remote monitoring technology which is giving farmers across northern Australia the ability to manage water more precisely and efficiently than ever before.

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AgTech start up looks to expand

Author: 3AW News Talk

Reducing methane emissions from intensive farming, and remote weighing of livestock are in the pipeline of projects for an Australian start up.

DIT Technology is seeking crowd funding to continue its expansion.

To find out more, rural editor Eddie Summerfield caught up with Chief Executive and founder Mark Peart:

Listen to the full interview above or Subscribe to the National Rural News podcast: http://bit.ly/RuralNewsPodcast

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Startup Daily with Mark Peart on DIT Technologies

Author: Ausbiz

The latest in startup and tech news from Australia, featuring the world’s leading investors and founders. This episode features Mark Peart, Brent Pearson, Fleur Madden, Adam Gilmour, Christopher Munnings, Terry Woodcroft and Hugo Richard.

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Author: GlobalAgInvesting

As we closed off Direct Injection Technologies (DIT) accounts for the 2020 audit, I paused to read the latest email updates on agtech. I noted the excitement, the forecasts, the ‘product’ and often the lack of matching producer demand and thought back to when I ‘zero-started’ DIT. I reflected that few of the articles highlighted the energy, belief, and perseverance that will be required if any of these exciting new agtech ideas are still going to be around in three years. I thought maybe it was useful to tell you my experience – if only to alert you to some of the dry gullies ahead. 

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Agtech DIT triples valuation in six months — and secures $1.2 million in federal grant funding to boot

Author: Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

Toowoomba agtech startup Direct Injection Technologies (DIT) has secured $600,000 in federal grant funding, after seeing its valuation triple to $30 million in the space of six months.

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DIT Technologies’ $1.2m grant for live export calming trial

Author: Sally Cripps

Plans by a Toowoomba-based technology systems company to commercialise its liquid animal supplement dispensing units and place them in the $18.4b Australian live export industry received a boost on Monday.

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Farming technology boost

Author: Glen Norris – The Courier Mail

A TOOWOOMBA farmer, who carved out a career mustering cattle by helicopter and now runs one of the country‘s fastest-growing ag-tech companies, is taking on the challenge of feeding the world.

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High-Tech Farming Agri whiz plans to feed the world

Author: 2GB 873AM

A new factory producing agri-tech that’s going to help revolutionise farming is opening in Townsville today.

D-I-T Technologies produces technologies designed to increase animal welfare, and productivity.

Rural reporter Eddie Summerfield caught up with Founder and Chief Executive Mark Peart to hear how the factory will help drive on-farm innovation

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Direct Injection Technologies, Harrington Systems Electronics join up

Author: Sally Cripps

Two high profile Queensland companies with years of experience in the remote monitoring and water medication business, Harrington Systems Electronics and Direct Injection Technologies, have joined together.

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Toowoomba agtech taps into public concern for Aussie farmers, smashing $400,000 equity crowdfunding target

Author: Stephanie Palmer-Derrien

Toowoomba startup Direct Injection Technologies (DIT) is getting city folk on board with its agtech solution to make farmers’ lives easier, smashing its crowdfunding target of $400,000.

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Farming from your smartphone

Author: David Swan

Australian ag-tech business DIT has launched what it says is Australia’s first remote farming smartphone management platform, allowing farmers to manage their farms from anywhere in the world via an app.

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Water supplementation key at DIT Technologies, Townsville

Author: Jessica Johnston

An AgTech start-up company with a focus on delivering productivity gains for producers has opened a new manufacturing facility in North Queensland.

DIT Technologies, which focuses on improving agriculture through innovation, has opened its first factory in Townsville.

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Direct Injection Technologies opens Toowoomba warehouse and crowdfunding

Author: Sally Cripps

The official opening of a warehouse in Toowoomba last week marked a new era for a man whose family name has been synonymous with water medicating for a number of years.

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