PHP Developer

About the business

DIT AgTech is a rapidly expanding Ag Tech company that is bringing technology to the livestock industry to assist graziers increase their profitability. DIT manufacture and sell patented IoT devices which provide water supplementation to livestock as well as remote monitoring solutions to make life on the land easier and more connected for graziers and producers. In addition to this, we manufacture the supplements which get dosed using our technology.

We place a heavy focus on R&D and are constantly reassessing the needs of the producers at the business end of the supply chain and how our IoT devices can assist in streamlining the ‘on farm’ processes and making them more profitable for the user. At DIT, we pride ourselves on our strong connection to the outback and one of our core principals is to put ‘boots on the ground’ and to grow strong personal face to face relationships with our clients.

About the role

We are looking for a PHP Developer to join our team. In this role you will be overseeing the development and maintenance of our back-end infrastructure to support our customer-facing front end and range of IoT devices.

You will be part of a small team where teamwork and collaboration are key to success. The mentality of “rolling up your sleeves” and assisting with tasks that could be out of your scope is expected and provides you with an opportunity to grow and expand your knowledge.

Key Responsibilities

  1. Take responsibility to the development and maintenance of DIT’s backend infrastructure to support front-end processes.
    • Managing and optimising our AWS infrastructure .
    • Managing and optimising our uSEE database and adding beneficial security measures to the uSEE website.
    • Development and maintenance of DIT’s CakePHP based website infrastructure.
  2. Collaborate with other team members and stakeholders to define project requirements.
  3. Design, implement and manage solutions for a range of front-end and back-end infrastructure problems.
  4. Design and develop testing and validation processes to minimise the effect of bugs after code deployment.
  5. Design, plan, implement and test new systems and features.
  6. Work closely with the Research and Development team to develop new products & features.
  7. Maintain culture of the business and build team dynamics.
  8. Be able to identify risks and hazards in both safety and quality and rectify problems with documented Corrective Action Measures (CAR/s).
  9. Is able to communicate effectively and respectfully with all members of the team to ensure efficient software development
  10. Adheres to instructions and procedures according to the task at hand and DIT policies, procedures, and objectives.

Skills and experience

  1. Minimum 4 years of experience with PHP (preferred framework is CakePHP)
  2. Extensive experience working with AWS cloud architecture – Elastic Beanstalk Application, RDS, S3 and various other applications
  3. Experience with automation and management of CakePHP based backend worker through Amazon SQS
  4. MySQL and Database management experience highly desired.
  5. Knowledge of implementing testing procedure in CakePHP (highly desired)
  6. Linux server administration experience
  7. Understanding and application of best practices and standards
  8. Ability to manage several different projects simultaneously
  9. The courage and professional maturity to have principled, evidence-based discussion of multiple approaches to a single challenge
  10. Creative and collaborative
  11. Strong data and application security knowledge & skills
  12. Good knowledge of automated systems’ best practices

Benefits and perks

Working in a small team environment in out Townsville DC, this is a full time role with flexible working hours.

For more information 

Contact us on : +61 428754373 or +61 412599342