Livestock Supplements

Grass fed cattle and sheep need supplements to overcome the nutritional deficiencies of native soils & pastures to increase survival & wellbeing.

Choose from one of our formulated supplements or talk to us about customising a product to meet your needs.

DIT AgTech can work with you to develop fully customised solutions.

Products can be formulated to account for bore water alkalinity and specific pasture deficiencies.

A safe form of urea

Urea when fed to ruminant animals is the cheapest source of ‘crude protein’ supplementation in livestock nutrition.

DIT is a world leader in developing and incorporating the use of ‘urea phosphate’ in our formulations.   

The molecular structure of urea phosphate means that it can’t be broken down in the rumen in the same was as regular urea, rendering it a ‘slow release’ form of urea and therefore safer. Using urea phosphate avoids urea blow off.

It also acts as an acidic stabiliser with additional nutritional benefits for livestock, providing a source of nitrogen and phosphorus to ruminant microbes.

Our uPRO range includes our patented urea phosphate to enhance the stability of urea as a water soluble feed additive.   

Urea Based Livestock Supplements


Cost-effective & safer form of urea for dry season utilisation

  • The most cost-effective source of crude protein
  • Ideal for dry feed supplementation whilst providing phosphorus & sulphur
  • Includes our patented urea phosphate for safety & stability
Why supplement uPRO ORANGE

uPro ORANGE is designed to assist cattle and sheep utilise dry pastures in dry periods, whilst being the most cost-effective source of crude protein.

During dry times the nutritional value of pasture significantly lowers and nutrients become less accessible.  As pastures mature they become harder for animals to digest, causing a decline in weight gains. A lack of protein within the pasture is responsible for the loss of productivity in animals during the dry.

This inadequate supply of protein limits the function of the rumen microbes, with cellulolytic bacteria unable to break down and utilise the cellulose components of the grass. By providing a steady source of non-protein nitrogen (NPN), the cellulolytic bacteria are able to effectively establish and utilise the low-quality pasture efficiently. This also provides additional growth factors to microbes within the rumen to utilise, providing a source of true protein to the animal itself.


Analysis (as fed basis) %
Minimum crude protein 207.9
Urea equivalent 72.3
Nitrogen (N) total 33.3
Phosphorus (P) as water soluble 6.7
Sulphur (S) as water soluble 2.4


Available in a DRY or LIQUID formulation


  • 25 kg bags
  • Full metric tonne pallets of 40kg bags
  • Requires mixing into a solution on site by the user


  • Pre-mixed 60% solution – the strongest solution possible
  • Available in 1000L IBC’s
  • Requires no mixing on site by the user


Cost Comparison

Liquid 60
30% Urea Dry Lick
30% Urea Block
Molasses Based
150 grams CP $ 0.12 $ 0.15 $ 0.19 $ 0.21 $ 0.26
1 month / 100 head $ 360 $ 450 $ 510 $ 630 $ 780
1 month / 1000 head $ 3,600 $ 4,500 $ 5,100 $ 6,300 $ 7,800
1 month /10,000 head $ 36,000 $ 45,000 $ 51,000 $ 63,000 $ 78,000


Feed year round with confidence

  • 100% soluble & available source of phosphorus (P) for wet season when P is the limiting nutrient
  • Provides an additional source of nitrogen & sulphur as a buffer against sudden pasture protein drop
  • Can be used as an effective supplement for all round feeding on marginal country throughtout northern Australia
Why supplement uPRO GREEN

Cattle and sheep require Phosphorus (P) for almost every bodily process. During the wet and growing season when pasture energy and protein is not limiting, P supplementation plays a vital role in ensuring pasture utilisation is maximised (particularly in Northern Australia).

However, while requirements for P for growing bones, milk production and lactation are well understood, the requirement for P by rumen microbes for rumen fermentation is less understood. This requirement is additional to the requirements of the animal itself.

As well as supplying P, uPRO GREEN provides nitrogen in the form of “slow release” safe urea. Numerous studies have shown that feeding some nitrogen during the wet season does provide a benefit that translates to more kilos of production. Traditionally, many P supplements come in the form of a blended calcium phosphate. Whilst it is important to balance the C:P ratio, calcium deficiency is rarely an issue and nearly all grazing livestock will obtain their calcium requirements directly from pasture intake. In contrast, uPRO GREEN provides its P in the form of urea phosphate, meaning that for every gram of P fed, an additional gram of N is available to produce rumen microbial protein.


Analysis (as fed basis) %
Minimum crude protein 113.9
Urea equivalent 39.2
Nitrogen (N) total 18.2
Phosphorus (P) as water soluble 17.3
Sulphur (S) as water soluble 2.4


Available in a DRY or LIQUID formulation


  • 25 kg bags
  • Full metric tonne pallets of 40kg bags
  • Requires mixing into a solution on site by the user


  • Pre-mixed 60% solution – the strongest solution possible
  • Available in 1000L IBC’s
  • Requires no mixing on site by the user


Cost Comparison

(64g of CP)
Liquid 60
(64g of CP)
8.6% High P Dry Lick
(7g of CP)
Wet Season Block
(40g of CP)
10 grams Phosphorus $ 0.117 $ 0.14 $ 0.12 $ 0.15
1 month / 100 head $ 351 $ 425 $ 360 $ 437
1 month / 1000 head $ 3,510 $ 4,250 $ 3,600 $ 4,370
1 month /10,000 head $ 35,100 $ 42,500 $ 36,000 $43,700


Put an end to lick runs

  • A soluble source of the major & micro nutrients required by grazing beef, dairy & sheep specific to southern Australia
  • Can be used to supplement livestock feeding on dry pasture or as part of a year round supplement program
  • When used in conjunction with the uDOSE, uPRO SOUTHERN is the only supplement available that doesn’t have to be manually administered to livestock
Why supplement uPRO SOUTHERN

Minerals play a vital role in ruminant nutrition as they are required by ruminant microflora to break down and utilise pasture in rumen fermentation. uPRO SOUTHERN is the first water supplementation product designed for livestock production in Southern Australia.

uPRO SOUTHERN is ideal for both year round feeding and targeted supplementation to address specific pasture deficiencies.

uPRO SOUTHERN contains:

  • Urea phosphate to provide a 100% soluble phosphorus and nitrogen ammonium sulphate to provide sulphur as well as additional nitrogen
  • Magnesium sulphate to provide a buffer against magnesium deficiency which can manifest as grass tetany
  • DIT AgTech’s exclusive uTrace trace element solution, providing a source of iodine, copper, cobalt, selenium, zinc and manganese


Analysis (as fed basis) %
Minimum crude protein 62.8
Urea equivalent 21.8
Nitrogen (N) total 10.1
Phosphorus (P) as water soluble 7.6
Sulphur (S) as water soluble 3.37
Magnesium (Mg) as water soluble 0.73
uTRACE mineral micro mix



Available in:

  • 25L drum
  • 110L drum
  • 200L drum
  • 1000L IBC


Cost Comparison

grams P N S Mg Urea
5 3 0.29 0.43 0.28 0.07 0.93 2.67 $0.01
10 6 0.58 0.86 0.55 0.15 1.86 5.34 $0.02
15 9 0.86 1.28 0.83 0.22 2.79 8.02 $0.03
20 12 1.15 1.71 1.11 0.29 3.72 10.69 $0.04
25 15 1.44 2.14 1.38 0.36 4.65 13.36 $0.05
30 18 1.73 2.57 1.66 0.44 5.58 16.03 $0.06
35 21 2.02 2.99 1.94 0.51 6.51 18.70 $0.07
40 24 2.3 3.42 2.21 0.58 7.43 21.38 $0.08
45 27 2.59 3.85 2.49 0.65 8.36 24.05 $0.09
50 30 2.88 4.28 2.77 0.73 9.29 26.72 $0.10
55 33 3.17 4.7 3.04 0.80 10.22 29.39 $0.11
60 36 3.46 5.13 3.32 0.87 11.15 32.06 $0.12
70 42 4.03 5.99 3.87 1.02 13.01 37.41 $0.14
80 48 4.61 6.84 4.43 1.16 14.87 42.75 $0.16
90 54 5.18 7.70 4.98 1.31 16.73 48.09 $0.18
100 60 5.76 8.55 5.54 1.46 18.59 53.44 $0.20



Maximising mulga productivity

  • uPRO MULGA assists animals in accessing the protein in Mulga, resulting in increased production & development
  • Cost-effective method to supplement ruminant microflora with non-protein nitrogen, phosphorus & sulphur
  • All the benefits of uPRO ORANGE, uPRO MULGA also contains Polyethylene Glycol (PEG) to assist the breakdown of tannins found in mulga
Why supplement uPRO MULGA

uPRO MULGA is a soluble feed supplement for sheep and cattle grazing on mulga. It provides the superior stability and solubility of DIT AgTech uPRO product range but includes a source of polyethylene glycol (PEG) to maximise productivity for producers in mulga lands.

Mulga (Acacia aneura) is a small tree native to regional areas of Australia. Mulga contains tannins, a bio molecule, which binds to protein in the plant. This binding behaviour prevents the animal from accessing the protein while grazing mulga, resulting in reduced production and development.

uPRO MULGA assists animals in accessing the protein in Mulga, resulting in increased production and development.




Other Livestock Supplements


Stress & dehydration relief

  • Water soluble product designed for rehydration & stress relief during yarding & transportation
Why supplement uCALM

Livestock experience stress during yarding, transport and weaning, resulting in production loss from decreased appetite and extended recovery periods. uCALM provides magnesium as a natural sedative to reduce stress in livestock as well as electrolytes and trace minerals to aid in hydration.

uCALM range contains:

  • uTRACE (trace element solution)
  • Magnesium sulphate
  • Electrolytes


uCALM EXPORT is formulated specifically to supplement livestock at all points in the live export supply chain including farm gate, transportation, export yards and depots, onboard vessels and at discharge.

uCALM EXPORT was developed following research work by DIT AgTech as part of an accelerating commercialisation grant awarded to develop a product to address some of the animal welfare issues associated with live export.

uCALM EXPORT provides a soluble source of trace minerals, electrolytes and magnesium to provide an animal welfare and performance benefit.


Supplementary feeding of weaners has shown to be a cost effective method of decreasing mortality rates. uCALM WEANER is designed to:

  1. Rehydrate and provide stress relief to cattle and sheep during weaning and yarding,
  2. Provide rumen microorganisms in young and developing livestock with a source of phosphorus, nitrogen and glucose, to stimulate collusion digestion and appetite.


Analysis (as fed basis) %
Minimum crude protein 0.0
Sodium 0.98
Chloride 1.5
uTRACE mineral micro mix 14.9
Sulphur (S) as water soluble 1.935
Magnesium (Mg) 1.455
Glucose 10.10


Cost Comparison


DIT AgTech
per Litre $7 $17.16
cost / head / day – 10ml $0.07 $0.17
cost / head / day – 30ml $0.21 $0.51
cost / head / day – 50ml $0.35 $0.86



Essential trace mineral boost

  • Eliminate trace element needling requirements
  • Most cost-effective way to combat trace element deficiencies
  • Reduces intensive handling & associated animal stress 
  • Can be customised to address specific trace element deficiencies
Why supplement uTRACE

Soils and pasture in Australia experience trace mineral deficiencies. Livestock grazing on these pastures lack the essential trace minerals required for growth, production and fertility. By supplementing uTRACE the minerals are provided to animals for prime production.

uTRACE differs from many other trace mineral products available on the market as it does not require needling or drenching to be administered. It’s designed to provide rumen microbes with a daily source of soluble – and therefore 100% available – source of trace minerals to supplement pasture intakes.

uTRACE is a water-soluble trace element solution that is formulated to provide all major trace elements required by sheep and cattle. It can be customised to address specific trace element deficiencies.

uTRACE contains:

  • Iodine
  • Copper
  • Cobalt
  • Selenium
  • Zinc
  • Manganese
  • Magnesium
  • Sulphur


Analysis (as fed basis) mg/L
Iodone 624
Cobalt 247
Copper 7,000
Zinc 19,285
Selenium 242
Manganese 20,077
Magnesium 14,550
Sulphur 19,350


Available in:

  • 25L drum
  • 200L drum
  • 1000L shuttle


Cost Comparison

DIT AgTech
per Litre $6 $19.60
cost / head / month $0.07 $0.24


Put an end to rumen boluses & capsules

  • Provide the complete or partial magnesium requirements of grazing livestock to aid in the prevention of grass tetany
Why supplement uTETANY

uTETANY is formulated to prevent and counter the effects of hypomagnesemia – also known as grass tetany – which is caused by low levels of blood magnesium commonly found as a result of pasture magnesium deficiency. Lactating cows are often the most susceptible to grass tetany as available magnesium in the pasture may drop below the requirements of the animal.

uTETANY supplies a source of soluble magnesium so that at-risk animals have a readily available source of magnesium when requirements rise above and beyond what the pasture can supply. By supplying magnesium through the water, requirements to individually drench or insert rumen bollus’s are completely alleviated.

  • Magnesium sulphate provides a buffer against magnesium deficiency which can manifest as grass tetany

  • includes DIT AgTech’s uTRACE trace element solution, providing a source of iodine, copper, cobalt, selenium, zinc and manganese


Analysis (as fed basis) %
Minimum crude protein 0.0
Urea equivalent 0.0
Nitrogen (N) total 0.0
Phosphorus (P) as water soluble 0.0
Sulphur (S) as water soluble 7.74
Magnesium 5.82
uTRACE trace mineral micro mix 0.595


Available in:

  • 25L drum
  • 110L drum
  • 200L drum
  • 1000L shuttle




Reduce the effects of Prussic Acid on cattle grazing forage sorghum

  • For cattle grazing forage sorghum or Leucaena
Why supplement uFORAGE

uFORAGE is a specifically formulated to reduce the effects of Prussic Acid on cattle grazing forage sorghum. Sorghum grown in stressed situations can have increased levels of Cyanogenic Glycosides which is converted into Prussic Acid. The levels are normally higher in plants that have suffered through drought and even more likely once the drought has broken and plants begin to grow.

As well as providing a source of nitrogen and phosphorus, uFORAGE contains high level of sulphur, which is believed to increase cattle’s efficiency to convert Prussic Acid into a non-toxic form. uFORAGE is also ideal for cattle grazing Leucaena.


Why supplement with urea?

Effective urea supplementation can result in an increase in appetite for dry feed of up to 50%, resulting in faster digestion of dry grass and faster throughput (rate of passage) of feed. This means cattle will eat more dry grass.

The nutritional value of all grasses in northern Australia declines following the growing season. As grasses mature and seed, their feed value declines. The nutrients in the grass also become less accessible to cattle and sheep as grasses become harder to digest as they mature. 

As a result of this decline in pasture quality and digestibility, cattle lose weight at an increasing rate as the dry season progresses. In a grazing sense, little can be done to improve the digestibility of mature grass however, urea is proven to be an extremely cost-effective method to increase the rate at which digestion occurs.

The rate at which digestion occurs in ruminant animals is governed by the number and type of microflora present in the rumen and a large healthy population of microflora results in faster digestion of feed and an added source of microbial protein for the animal. 

Why feed phosphorus?

With approximately 70% of soils in northern Australia phosphorus deficient, many cattle grazing pastures need an additional source of phosphorus, particularly during the wet season when energy and protein levels are at their peak.

Phosphorus is involved in almost every metabolic reaction in ruminants, including:

  • formation of bones & teeth
  • structural component of skeletal tissues 
  • absorption of carbohydrates such as glucose through intestinal tissues
  • transport of fatty acids throughout the body
  • metabolism of energy
  • milk production
  • facilitation of fat, carbohydrate &
  • protein utilisation
  • improving the efficiency of feed utilisation, energy transfer reactions, normal milk secretion and buffering of body fluids

Rumen microflora require phosphorus to digest pasture.
A deficiency of phosphorus in the diet:

  • suppresses appetite, resulting in rapid reduction in feed intake
  • can lead to reduced milk production
  • bone fragility leading to bone breakages
  • a severe loss of productivity gains (from P deficiency during late lactation, early pregnancy, calving & growing stock)

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