Livestock supplementation packages

Our technology and products offer time and cost benefits, but our subscription models offer even more convenience and savings.

Choose from our Full Service Model (FSM) or Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) package.

DIT AgTech is not a transactional company, and both our FSM and PAYG offers cater for long term beneficial relationships.

Full Service Model (FSM)

Supplement uCalm

Designed for larger scale livestock producers – ideal for Northern Australian cattle stations

We understand the problems that beef producers face when supplementing livestock at scale. DIT AgTech’s livestock supplementation program reduces the labour requirement, which is a major expense  

Our full service model:

  • distributes all the dosing infrastructure on the property
  • delivers the supplement to the water sources
  • charges the grazier only on what the livestock consume 

Grazier’s are only charged for what is used by livestock in our FSM, versus the alternative of an upfront cost of a road train of dry lick bag.

Our FSM provides the opportunity to include remote monitoring equipment, such as tank monitors and remote cameras, and in the near future, walk over weighing equipment, rain gauges and hot spot connectivity for internet access.

The FSM includes:

  • Dosing technology fully installed, operated & managed by DIT
  • Infrastructure provided on site by DIT to mix, store & distribute supplement to all units
  • Labour required to mix & distribute supplement
  • Transport costs & logistics to move supplements to stations
  • Management report on supplement usage & cost – daily, weekly & monthly

DIT’s uDOSE is more than just a tool to supplement and so much more than a bag of lick – it can help with farm management by providing real time water usage, reducing the need for daily water runs. 

Nutritional Advice

Receive free nutritional advice from DIT AgTech for management of the herd, ensuring livestock are on the best nutritional plan.



The FSM is priced as an all-inclusive package and charged at a $ per litre rate. The price per litre will depend on the:

  1. number of head needing to be supplemented
  2. size of the property
  3. existing water infrastructure


Speak to our Sales team to find out more about our Full Service Model 

PAYG Package 

Supplement uCalm

Convenient package for graziers

Our pay-as-you-go model involves no rental or purchasing of the dosing tech, just a small upfront cost to install the hard assets at the water point, some mixing equipment and a small installation and training fee.  

Graziers then agree in writing for DIT to supply them their supplements for the season and in return DIT provides all the tech and a full after sales service of the dosing devices. This includes all software updates and covers any repairs or servicing to the technology. The graziers then mix the supplement with water on farm, deliver to their supplement tanks at the water source, and the lick run is done for months.  

PAYG terms:

  • DIT to install 1 or more uDOSE unit FOC 
  • Grazier agrees to buy a quantity of supplements for the season or year 
  • The Grazier pays a small monthly subscription for access to the DIT dashboard and all data of their supplement program in real time. This includes real time as fed analysis of crude protein, phosphorous, trace elements and urea per day, cost per head per day, water consumption per day, week and month per head and other metrics if the Grazier also installs our water tank monitors, rain gauges and or cameras which they rent. 

Graziers buys the hard install items and soft items which includes:

  • Supplement Tank
  • On site mixing equipment
  • Battery
  • Water meter
  • Injection point
  • Any consumables
  • Installation, Telemetry activation and training


We can create custom bundles to offer the best pricing based on:

  1. The number of water points
  2. Head of cattle needing to be supplemented
  3. The type of supplement, number of months to supplement and dosage of supplement. 


Speak to our Sales team to find out more about our Pay-as-you-go (PAYG) Model 

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