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Key Points

– A high P based soluble feed additive for livestock drinking water
– 100% soluble and available source of Phosphorus
– Provides a source of “slow release urea” as well as sulphur
– Improves fertility, appetite and reduces fracturing incidence

Analysis (as fed basis) %
Minimum Crude Protein


Urea Equivalent


Nitrogen (N) Total


Phosphorus (P) as water soluble


Sulphur (S) as water soluble


Why supplement uPRO GREEN?

In many areas of Australia, year-round supplementation of Phosphorus is paramount and Phosphorus
requirements of animals may rise at times even when pasture nitrogen availability is high. However, the
unpredictable nature of the seasons means that all year-round feeding of Nitrogen provides an early
buffer against a sudden protein drop when pasture becomes stressed. uPRO GREEN provides a source of
100% soluble phosphorus as well as a source of nitrogen to ruminant microflora.

Formulation Design

uPRO GREEN is the ideal supplement for all year-round feeding. uPRO GREEN contains:

– Urea Phosphate to provide a source of 100% soluble phosphorus and nitrogen
– Ammonium Sulphate to provide sulphur as well as additional nitrogen

DIT’s patented use of urea phosphate enables uPRO GREEN to be dosed in any water source without the
need for additional buffering or with any risk of toxicity. uPRO GREEN is also ideal for water
supplementation during the wet and growing season where surface water is present.

Available in:

Dry Feed Liquid 60
25kg Bags A pre-mixed 60% solution. The strongest solution possible.
Full metric tonne pallets of 40 bags Available in 1000L Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s).
Requires mixing into a solution on site by the user Requires no mixing on site by the user.

Cost Comparison

(64g of CP)
Liquid 60
(64g of CP)
8.6% High P Dry Lick
at $1291/mt
(7g of CP)
Wet Season Block
at $1,455/mt
(40g of CP)
10 grams Phosphorus $ 0.117 $ 0.14 $ 0.12 $ 0.15
1 month per 100 head $ 351.00 $ 425.00 $ 360.00 $ 437.00
1 month per 1000 head $ 3,510.00 $ 4,250.00 $ 3,600.00 $ 4,370.00
1 month per 10,000 head $ 35,100.00 $ 42,500.00 $ 36,000.00 $ 43,700.00

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