Why do we need to adopt technology?  Quite simply is to improve the efficiency of our businesses.  There are few things that a beef or sheep producer can do to significantly reduce costs other than to deploy remote monitoring systems and start using water supplementation. 

Why do we need to do this?  As we all know, the costs of inputs and labour is always increasing and the prices we get for our products is always decreasing.  The only way a business in this situation can service this is to reduce operating costs by becoming more efficient.

Remote monitoring technologies allow a producer to do this by letting them spend their (or their staffs) time where it needs to be spent and by being more responsive to any problems such as a leaking trough.  Water supplementation technologies also allow for more a more consistent supplementation program and reduced costs. 

So why isn’t this technology being more widely adopted?  We all know that producers are extremely busy, but it also worth remember that things don’t happen by themselves.  There has to be a conscious decision to try and improve your business.


There is lots of support for a producer looking to adopt technology to reduce their operating costs. These include Agribusiness advisers, the agriculture department of each state and the technology companies themselves.