Technology for more economical, sustainable & ethical food production

DIT AgTech are innovating solutions for food producers.
We’re Australia’s leading experts in livestock technology and nutrient supplementation through water systems.


“To enable farmers to produce more with less”

The DIT solution

We will offer sustainable solutions to food producers to improve productivity, whilst enhancing animal welfare and reducing the environmental footprint of farming.

We want to position Australian farmers as world leaders in providing sustainably grown food and fibre for our growing global population. At the same time, we aim to improve the farming footprint on the planet and enhance animal wellbeing.

Rethinking how we do agriculture

We all need to eat and our population is growing rapidly. The global population is predicted to be > 9 billion by 2050 and farmers will need to increase food production globally by 60% to avoid food security issues and mass social disruption.

To achieve this we need to innovate and integrate technology to find efficiencies and more sustainable resource use, allowing our farmers to farm ‘smarter’.    

Predicted global population by 2050

Which means farmers need to increase food production globally by


Why AgTech?

AgTech uses advanced monitoring and data analysis to do more with less – to find ways to increase yields without burdening already overtaxed resources such as land and water.

Apart from the pressing need to feed the world, AgTech also addresses the need to keep farming viable for the next generation of people who grow our food.    

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Mark Peart

Mark Peart


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Quentin kennedy


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John Diddams


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Mark Peart

Mark Peart

CEO & Team Lead

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Vivienne mccollum

Research & Commercial Lead

Jack Maley

Jack Maley

Technology & Production Lead

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