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Who We Are

DIT Ag Tech is a Toowoomba based livestock technology company that specialises in water supplementation (formerly known as water medication) for the livestock industry of Australia.

Water Supplementation is simply the terminology used to describe the method of proportionally dosing liquid supplements into livestock drinking water.

DIT Ag Tech is a company born out of an unrelenting passion and drive to convert the enormous opportunity and potential that water supplementation brings to the Australian livestock industry to save producers time, money and to improve the efficiency of on-farm practice.

Our Products


No matter the application, DIT Ag Tech’s dispensing units have been designed to maximise the effectiveness of proportionally dosing animal health additives and supplements into livestock drinking water.

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The health and activity of rumen microflora is at the absolute core of all our products which have been specifically formulated to supply ruminant animals with the most cost-effective source of Nitrogen, Sulphur and Phosphorus.

Remote Monitoring

Our uSEE Remote Monitoring products are ideal for remotely monitoring livestock watering points from your mobile device or computer, and increasing your productivity while giving you peace of mind.

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Benefits of Water Supplementation

Superior spread and accuracy of dose amongst the herd (all livestock drink evenly proportionate to body weight)

​Cost saving. Water medication is generally the cheapest way of supplementing the daily recommended dose of urea

DIT Ag Tech works with our clients to develop fully customised solutions including:

Dispensers that adjust and work in with your current operation

​Products that can be custom formulated to account for bore water alkalinity and specific pasture deficiency

Why feed Urea?

The nutritional value of all grasses in northern Australia declines following the growing season. As grasses mature and seed, their feed value declines. The nutrients in the grass also become less accessible to cattle and sheep as grasses become harder to digest as they mature. As a result of this decline in pasture quality and digestibility, cattle lose weight at an increasing rate as the dry season progresses. In a grazing sense, little can be done to improve the digestibility of mature grass however, urea is proven to be an extremely cost-effective method to increase the rate at which digestion occurs.

The rate at which digestion occurs in ruminant animals is governed by the number and type of microflora present in the rumen and a large healthy population of microflora results in faster digestion of feed and an added source of microbial protein for the animal. Large increases in numbers of microflora desirable out of the rumen they are digested providing a valuable source of protein for the animal. Effective urea supplementation can result in an increase in appetite of dry feed of up to 50% resulting in faster digestion of dry grass and faster throughput (rate of passage), of feed. This means cattle will eat more dry grass. As the rumen microflora pass.

Why feed Phosphorous?

With approximately 70% of soils in northern Australia phosphorus-deficient, many cattle grazing pastures need an additional source of phosphorus, particularly during the wet season when energy and protein levels are at their peak. Phosphorus is involved in almost every metabolic reaction in ruminants, including:

Formation of bones and teeth, and a structural component of skeletal tissues, absorption of carbohydrates such as glucose through intestinal tissues, transport of fatty acids throughout the body, metabolism of energy, reduced milk production, bone fragility leading to bone breakages and most notably, phosphorus deficiency during late lactation, early pregnancy, calving and growing stock can result in a severe loss of productivity gains.

Rumen microflora require phosphorus to digest pasture and a deficiency in the diet suppresses appetite, resulting in rapid reduction in feed intake. As well as this, phosphorus deficiency results in:

  • Facilitation of fat, carbohydrate and protein utilization
  • Improving the efficiency of feed utilization, energy transfer reactions, normal milk secretion and buffering of body fluids

Customer Testimonials

“ I had never heard of the concept of water supplementation before, and neither had my father who has been a cattle grazier his whole life. We set up a small trial unit with Tom Feez on a paddock of maiden heifers to feed trace elements and phosphorus. The results were pretty impressive and we saw a 20% conception rate increase in the maiden heifers that were supplemented by DIT product compared to the maiden heifers in the control group. On the back of this, we installed a full DIT system and we continue to see improved results. It is such a simple but brilliant concept and I can honestly say I think every cattle and sheep producer in Australia who has the ability to use water supplementation should seriously consider it”.

Tom Benton

“Arrabury Pastoral Company is going to be 101 years old this year and the Daley family is enjoying our fortieth year of ownership and is pleased to be investing in an Ag start up company that we feel can benefit the Australian cattle industry with great animal health and welfare advantages along the whole supply chain. This technology doesn’t have to be tied to cattle and Australia, there is no reason it can’t work any where in the world for various industries.

Our company have the confidence that the science will benefit everyone along the supply chain whether you are a breeder, backgrounder, fattener, feedlotter, exporter and processor if you can fit it into your watering systems in paddocks or yards you will have better animal health and welfare outcomes and be doing your bit working towards CN30.”

Cam and Bettina Daley

“Over the last 18 months we’ve been doing live export to Japan, necessary injections during processing often leave the cattle sore, irritable and off their tucker for several days, so we were looking for a safe, easily administered and accurate solution that was also time and cost effective to improve the welfare of the cattle. By easing their stress and improving wellbeing we benefit from improved handleability in the centre and on the boat, which is not only beneficial to the cattle, but also those handling them and ultimately our clients in Japan. We’ve been trialling DIT for 2 months now and honestly had low expectations, but we’ve have seen a significant improvement in animal health and wellbeing overall. After treatment, the cattle are no longer sore with no noticeable loss in appetite and the often “flighty” cattle have been easier to handle from yards to boat. We’ll definitely be continuing on with DIT.”

Craig Kimmorley

“The DIT products are proven, easy to use and excellent value for money when one considers the net returns, especially over a large number of livestock.”

Greg Pankhurst

“We have been using the water medication system for over 5 years on our Westmar breeding block. It has been a serious “game changer” for our program. Safe, very cost efficient supplementation of urea, phosphorous and trace elements through the water which sees every animal receive their correct amount on a daily basis regardless of their position in the pecking order in the herd.

We firmly believe DIT will play a major role in animal supplementation in the future and that is why we have confidently invested in Mark and his team.”

Spencer and Godfrey Morgan

“I have been actively advising clients across a broad spectrum of industries for close to 40 years. This has included small family businesses to listed companies on the ASX. More recently my energies have been assisting companies from a more Strategic and Corporate side via either direct Board appointments or on an Advisory Board level. This has entailed many facets of business acumen whether it be setting strategic direction in our challenging environment or setting up formal structures for the success of the enterprise. 

I was fortunate Mark Peart approached me, Power Tynan and TAS Consulting  for some advice on how to successfully launch DIT Technologies. I researched and have seen the real benefits of what DIT products and technology can have on the livestock industry. I believe It will  transform how livestock are managed. I asked Mark if I could participate as an investor due to the potential benefit to the industry.”

Paul Hilton

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