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From farmers, to animals, and the world, DIT AgTech’s nutrient water technology has a positive ripple effect.

Reminding farmers why they love what they do….

Farmers cop it from every angle and are still expected to put dinner on our tables. They need a break somewhere.

Simplifying their day and improving the odds, DIT AgTech nutrient water systems lighten the load. Our advanced monitoring and data help produce more with less.

More kilos, more births, more certainty = more bottom line. Less time, less costs, less emissions = less headaches.

Working the land is tough. It’s time it started working in the farmers favour.

Impact Farming.

From farmers, to animals, and the world, our nutrient water technology has a positive ripple effect.

Increasing productivity, our tech also saves time, money and labour. We lighten the load. Big time.

Animal welfare is enhanced, environmental impact of grazing and greenhouse gasses reduced. This is less harm farming. 

As the world grows and needs more food, DIT is keeping farming viable for the next generation of growers and consumers.

Increasing food volume and value for farmers and the world.

The world’s population keeps exploding, putting greater pressure on resources, the land, finances and farmers.

Building sophisticated hardware that works in the middle of nowhere is tough. Bill Gates and Steve Jobs didn’t have to deal with drought, floods, insects, cockatoos and 40+ temperatures.

We understand the struggles of the land first-hand. It’s been a grind, we’ve stuffed a few things up, but we’re still here for the long-haul. The harder it is, the more we love it.

Every day we learn, every day we solve real problems, every day we make life easier for people. Our unrelenting ability to keep going is our greatest asset and the key to our success. Just like a farmer.

I’d never heard of the concept of water supplementation before, and neither had my father, who has been a cattle grazier his whole life. We set up a small trial unit with Tom Feez on a paddock of maiden heifers to feed trace elements and phosphorus.

The results were pretty impressive and we saw a 20% conception rate increase in the maiden heifers supplemented by DIT product compared to the maiden heifers in the control group.

On the back of this, we installed a full DIT system and we continue to see improved results.

It’s such a simple but brilliant concept and I can honestly say I think every cattle and sheep producer in Australia who has the ability to use water supplementation should seriously consider it.

Tom Benton

Emmaville NSW

We find that with the uDOSE system we can run it all year round at a very cost-effective rate. We also find that it allows animals to continue to graze naturally on grass as they are meant to do.

When our cows come out of winter they are in a much better condition compared to every other supplementing regime we’ve ever used before.

Spencer Morgan

Myall Grove Station, Condamine QLD

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