When running a livestock business, water is an essential resource and managing that resource can have a significant impact on productivity, animal welfare and overall profitability of the business.  Traditionally in agriculture, a producer or farm hand would have to physically drive out to manually check all water points around a property. Sometimes this could mean having to drive hundreds of kilometers on a round trip, taking up valuable time and labour costs.  Having the ability to manage and plan your water sources remotely could change the face of your business. 

The uSEE Tank Monitor is a solar powered unit that uses hydrostatic technology to measure the level of water in your tank or reticulated water system. The level readings are immediately uploaded to the uSEE cloud via mobile or satellite network. 

You can review these readings anytime via the uSEE platform on your smart phone or computer, this allows you to be ahead of the game when planning your water runs, eliminating the need to constantly be out checking water points.  There is also an option to set email and SMS notifications when the water level is above or below desired limits which would allow you to identify potential leaks or issues with pumps and troughs. 

Knowledge of stock drinking water requirements and potential sources of water are important for planning on both an annual and daily basis and the uSEE Tank Monitor can help with this. When paired with the uSEE Remote Monitoring Camera the potential for time and money saved is huge! 

Also important in your water management plan is knowing how much rain is falling an where, this is why each uSEE Tank Monitor is fitted with a rain gauge, this means that on the app, you can review how much rainfall you have received at the site of the unit and adjust your planning accordingly. 

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