With 2020 being a long and difficult year, it is always worthwhile to reflect on the challengers to better prepare ourselves for the future.

While it seems like COVID-19 has dominated the year, we must recall the horrific bushfires that dominated our country in the 2019-2020 season that resulted in over 46 million acres burning. The fires devastated almost three times the size of Tasmania, destroying anything in their path including land, livestock, homes and human life. With more than 3500 homes lost, many of the devastated families are still rebuilding and will be for years to come.

While the Christmas period is a time for celebration, we would like to encourage everyone to check their fire safety plan and bush fire management plan to ensure preparation for this fire season. With most have a few days off over Christmas, it is a great time to clean the gutters and talk to your family and community about what to do if there is a bush fire in the area. We recommend having a bit of a read of the below bushfire management plans for each state.

Australians are forever grateful to the local Fire and Rescue teams and volunteers that risk their own safety to protect the their communities lives and homes from the destruction of Aussie Bushfires.

DIT would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a safe and happy New Year.