Correct dosage using proportional dosing technology

DIT AgTech’s dispensing units maximise the effectiveness of proportionally dosing animal health additives & supplements into livestock drinking water.


uDOSE – Dosing Technology


The uDOSE is designed exclusively for use with the DIT AgTech  supplement range. It has advanced safety mechanisms for safely feeding our urea supplements.

Put an end to expensive lick runs and ensure all your herd are receiving the correct dose of supplements, while enjoying the peace of mind our safety features offer.

Check and control the uDOSE from the palm of your hand with the uSEE Apps


  • Treat up to 10,000 head/day/unit
  • Multiple fail safe mechanisms proven to provide safety
  • Solar powered 
  • Remote telemetry with uSEE Platform connectivity
  • Tech support available 

Customise our system to suit your specific needs

Our water supplementation dispenser contains unique features to suit the broadest of applications. Talk to our sales team to discuss your specific needs and if required, how our dosing technology can be customised to meet your situation.

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