Soils and pasture through Australia experience trace mineral deficiencies. Livestock grazing on these pastures lack the essential trace minerals required for growth, production and fertility.  

So, what are trace minerals?  

There are six trace minerals that can be found in DIT’s uTRACE supplement. Manganese, Selenium, Zinc, Copper, Cobalt and Iodine.  

  • Manganese – Manganese deficiencies cause fertility issues and can also be detected by abnormalities in young calves and lambs. Manganese supplements assist with reproduction, fertility, skeletal development and growth.  
  • Selenium & Copper – both essential trace minerals that assist in growth and the repair of tissues as well as converting carbohydrates into energy. The term trace elements refer to livestock receiving the minerals in very small doses… the dose is presented in milligrams which is one thousandth of a gram. Selenium and Copper both help with the blood and tissue health of the animal, particularly in young livestock.   
  • Zinc – Like humans, zinc is an essential element for the health of livestock as well. Zinc assists in the health of the animal’s coat and hooves in addition to optimising wound healing. The immune system also relies heavily on zinc to protect livestock for disease and virus.  
  • Cobalt – Cobalt deficiency is rare but if found to be lacking the element, livestock will suffer from a loss of appetite, weight loss and a pale coat.  
  • Iodine – an Iodine deficiency will cause a decreased metabolic rate in cattle and also cause an enlarged thyroid gland known as goitre. Fertility, immune defence and muscle function also benefit from the supplement of Iodine.  

DIT offer our uTRACE formula as a cost-effective way to combat trace element deficiencies. uTRACE is a water-soluble trace element solution that has been developed to provide all major trace elements and support deficiency susceptibility. We are able to customise the formula to address deficiencies in specific regions of Australia. The animals’ wellbeing is carefully considered when supplementing with uTRACE by avoiding the traditional and stressful needling method.  

If after reading this brief overview you’d like more information on the benefits of supplementing trace minerals, please ring on 1300 123 348 to speak with our nutritionist alternatively, visit https://futurebeef.com.au/knowledge-centre/minerals-and-vitamins/