I began working in the Gulf in March 2019. The station is 120km South-East of Normanton and in the path of the Norman and Flinders River. Like so many places in the region, the station was badly affected by the infamous 2019 floods. It was such a devastating time however the comradeship, strength and compassion that the people of Northern Queensland showed for one another, the livestock and the land was inspiring. Much to my surprise, there were many recent University graduates doing a couple of years on a station in order to gain a better understanding of the industry.  

I’m sure that most people who have had the opportunity to work on the land would understand the emotional attachment that one develops. The transition from a cement city to wide open spaces was made simple by the welcoming community and breath-taking landscapes. After enjoying the first year so much I saddled up again for 2020 at the same station. Having worked on a large agricultural property I have been able to apply my formal education with the practicality that such a hands-on role provides.  

I experienced the affect that some of the harsher country had on the cattle during the end of the dry season. This allowed me to understand the importance of ensuring each beast receives the necessary supplementation, specific to the paddock quality. My experiences have contributed to my belief that a supplement feeding program is the key to ensuring a sustainable future with regular cash flow for pastoral companies.  

My work in the Gulf has led me to my position with DIT as a Business Graduate. I believe DIT will be at the forefront of leading the beef industry on a path that will benefit both the animal’s ability to thrive and the landowner by increasing the return per beast which is essentially what the industry is striving for.  

With the research and development already undertaken by DIT and feedback from landowners who have had experience with the DIT Team and their products, I am very excited to join and participate in the innovation of the Agriculture Industry.  

 If an adventure with DIT sounds appealing to you, please apply today by calling Ally on 1300 123 348 or email ally@ditech.net.au.