Over the last 12 months DIT Agtech have been closely working with PIRSA (Department of Primary Industries and Regions South Australia) to demonstrate ag technology across three sites based at Struan, Turretfield and Minnipa.

The case study compared traditional lick supplement with the uDOSE both targeting trace minerals. They calculated the cost of labour, motor vehicles, supplement and the uDOSE for 1000 ewes based on PIRSA’s farm just outside the township of Kybybolite, SA. The findings concluded the following statement:

“Our estimate, with reduced vehicle costs and labour costs to feed out mineral lick into paddocks, is that 131% of the investment will be returned in 6 months of using the uDOSE” – Automated stock water supplementation, PIRSA 2022

This shows that uDose’s application and return on investment proposition is clearly beneficial as a cost saving and as tool to increase efficacy. The case study also mentions that it unlikely that all livestock would be accessing traditional forms of lick stating “The percentage of sheep and cattle not accessing a mineral lick block can range from 0% up to 50% of the mob (Bowman and Sowell, 1997).”

This case study doesn’t include any animal production benefits that the stock maybe gaining from receiving a targeted and consistent volume of mineral.

We will be continuing to work with PIRSA to further demonstrate the advantages that DIT AgTech can provide.

For more information on the Struan and Kybybolite Best Practice Demonstration Farm click the following link.