Mark Peart – Founder & CEO


Mark’s passion and skill base lies in recognising opportunities in business and technology and making them commercially viable, with a diverse background in agriculture, aviation and property developmentWith strong ties to the land, Mark founded DIT Technologies based on the legacy work of his father and uncle on water supplementing cattle in Australia. Utilising new technology and innovation, he has since transformed DIT into one of Australia‘s leading Ag technology companies.

Mark has started over 20 businesses and is somewhat guilty of being a ‘serial entrepreneur’. He has a flair for developing ideas and turning them into reality, finding strategic solutions to create financial return. He is particularly passionate about agriculture, having grown up and worked extensively in northern and southern Australia, and sees a real need to advance agriculture to feed our growing population. He sees Ag technology as changing the face of agriculture globally.


Mark was raised on sheep and cattle properties throughout Queensland, attending Downlands College boarding school in Toowoomba.After school Mark attended Gatton Agricultural College (now Queensland University) where he completed an Associated Diploma of Farm Management from 1985–1987.On completing his course Mark worked on cattle stations in the Northern Territory (NT) and it was at this time that his love of flying was born.

Helicopter mustering in outback Australia led to 25 years in aviation flying both fixed-wing and helicopters. During that time he launched a number of aviation companies and other associated businesses providing services to the agricultural sector. Flying has been a lifetime passion for Mark. He’s had the privilege to fly around the world and have one of the most diverse aviation experiences in Australia’s general aviation community.In addition to his Australian and FAA Airline Pilot Licences and a Commercial Helicopter Licence, Mark holds a MBA from Deakin University in Melbourne which he completed in 2013. His aviation business management experience has since expanded into the property industry, where he has successfully delivered a number of residential and rural land developments. Mark is the Managing Director of Light Jets Australia, a company he launched in 2011 after recognising a gap in the market for a fully integrated private jet charter company specialising in light jets. He is also a Director of Archerfield Jet Base, a Brisbane Fixed Base Operator, providing aircraft storage, passenger and pilot amenities, and support services for private flyers.

Mark Peart now calls Toowoomba home, but he regularly travels back to Northern Australia with his wife Fiona and 4 children. A keen runner, he’s competed in multiple endurance events for iron man triathlons, road marathons and ultra-marathons. His passions include his family, flying, and his horses and livestock. He enjoys coming to work every day seeing his team engaged and happy.

Focus on Agriculture & Technology

Mark is personally concerned with how our planet will feed our growing population. He believes the only way we can do this is through technology and innovation, and is building a business to solve these complex problems and change the face of agriculture worldwide.

Mark has a long term inter-generational view for DIT. He likens his work with DIT as planting and nourishing a small tree that will grow in time but that he won’t get to sit under to enjoy the shade. His view for DIT is beyond his lifetime and so, he’s building a team that will take DIT forward for generations to come.Mark is also concerned with the low level of entrepreneurship in agriculture today. He’s troubled by the capital structure of financial markets in agriculture that restrict young and upcoming farmers entering the industry. He strongly believes that the only way to move an industry forward is with entrepreneurs – or ‘zero starters’ as he commonly says – who’s risk profile allows them to take a different level of risk to innovate without being afraid to fail, but who see failure as a growth tool to be better.

The opportunity for DIT is to assist farmers increase production to meet food demand. By 2050 there will be 9 billion people on the planet and the demand for food will increase by 60%. This is huge pressure to put on both current farming systems worldwide and on our environment. He sees tech companies like DIT assisting farmers to meet these production demands sustainably and ethically into the future. Contact the team at DIT to find out more about how we can help

At the heart of the business is an unrelenting passion and commitment to provide a platform for technology to drive innovation and productivity in the global agriculture industry.

Mark Peart

Founder & CEO, DIT Technologies