uPRO SOUTHERN has been designed specifically for ruminants on pasture in Southern Australia. It has its advantages for all seasons, including when pastures dry off. 

When stock are grazing pastures and stubble over summer, the feed value declines as the season prolongs. uPRO SOUTHERN has many advantages over this period including maintain livestock heath, limiting livestock weight loss and prevention of mineral deficiencies.  

uPRO SOUTHERN includes: 

Urea Phosphate, which is a form of urea that is slowly broken down in the rumen, improving the safety of urea consumption. It provides a valuable source of Phosphorus which is required for many vital metabolic functions and can have big impacts on growth and fertility. 

The Urea component aids in keeping the rumen microflora active while on dry feed and improving the disability of fibre in dry feed and stubbles. 

Magnesium is included as ruminants are inefficient digesters of magnesium and are poor at accessing stored Magnesium in the body and therefore require a regular intake. Providing Magnesium each day will buffer against magnesium related health issues (ie. grass tetany) and lower the impact of stress inducing factors such as sudden changes in feed. 

DIT’s Trace element mix is also included which delivers a daily source of Copper, Cobalt, Selenium, Manganese, Zinc and Potassium. These are all essential trace minerals which are deficient across much of the farming landscape. Further information about trace mineral can be found here .

Our product is fully customisable to suite the requirements of the livestock, producer and the environment. 

Photo : A Cattle grazing on dry pastures in Southern Australia.
Photo: Sheep drinking from a trough supplementing uPRO SOUTHERN.